A Lifetime of Happiness

Hosted BySteve Bennet-Martin & Brittany Jennings

A Lifetime of Happiness is a podcast on the connection between aging and well-being hosted by Steve Bennet-Martin and Brittany Jennings, featuring guest experts from all ages and fields to share their thoughts on how to live a happier life.

The first season of A Lifetime of Happiness showcases the birth of the beautiful friendship and co-hosting relationship between Steve Bennet Martin and Brittany Jennings. After having to reevaluate what true happiness really means to Steve, he and Brittany take a deep dive into topics such as Culture, Adoption, and Weddings and take a look at how they can change across the generations. During this journey you will also get to see how much one podcasting conference can change a hobby into a passion thanks to Buzzsprout and Podfest 2020!

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