A Lifetime of Happiness

Hosted BySteve Bennet-Martin & Brittany Jennings

A Lifetime of Happiness is a podcast on the connection between aging and well-being hosted by Steve Bennet-Martin and Brittany Jennings, featuring guest experts from all ages and fields to share their thoughts on how to live a happier life.

Episode 8: Adopted to Adopting

Steve Bennet Martin opens up as his co-host Brittany discusses what his childhood was like growing up knowing he was adopted as well delving more into the specifics behind his current adoption. Also, we discuss Podfest, Brittany’s videography, and in Happy News, a vet who has saved thousands of homeless people’s pets!

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About the Author
Steve Bennet-Martin is a senior living expert by day and a podcaster by night. With a passion for creating positive content that can help people, he now is working to help the community he lives in, the seniors that could benefit from his expertise navigating the complex systems of aging, and helping others learn how to share their voice through the magic of podcasting.

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