A Lifetime of Coffee

A Lifetime of Coffee

If the thought of a freshly brewed cup of coffee brings a smile to your face, then this episode was made specifically to delight YOU! The Steves sit down with creator and Owner of Buna Roaster, Blane Teshome Charlot to discuss how she takes the traditions and quality control from her home in Ethiopia and translates it to the best cup of coffee you will find on the Suncoast!

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Steve: 0:03

Hello returning happies and new listeners. This is Steve Bennet-Martin,Stephen: 0:08

and this is Steven Martin-Bennet. And welcome to a lifetime ofSteve: 0:12

happinessStephen: 0:12

on the Suncoast.Steve: 0:14

The podcast where we take you on our journey, as we search for the secret to living a happy life on the Suncoast, while hopefully helping make your life better along the way.Stephen: 0:22

And today we’re going to be talking with Blaine Teshome Clarlot the creator owner and master roaster of Buna Rosa.Steve: 0:30

Yes, but first my love of what has been making you happy.Stephen: 0:34

Well, this past week it was lovely. That we got to celebrate you. Yes, it was your birthday. Yay. ISteve: 0:44

had the best birthday ever.Stephen: 0:46

The best birthday day,Steve: 0:47

given that I was gonna say, given that it’s 2020, and my ex patients were that of what we’ve become accustomed to for the year, I had an amazing birthday. I had a great day at my new job and everyone there made me feel highly valued and celebrated. And then I came home to have you. And we also had a great weekend family birthdays with the family socially distant and all. So it was just a great birthday. Well,Stephen: 1:14

I’m very happy that I can make you feel loved and cherished and celebrated. But you mentioned your new job is that what’s making you happy this week?Steve: 1:23

Yes, it is. I started my job last Tuesday and it is now. Going to be Wednesday, the 26th, when this comes, comes out. And so I’ve been in the job for just over a week now and I love it. It is at hardest Fenice. And I talked about it actually in this week’s episode of my sister podcast, senior living on the Suncoast. So feel free to go over to that if you’d like more information about the new position, but it’s been. Very exciting change for me. And I’ve been loving it so much so that I was today at work saying I’m like, it was easier and more relaxing than my day of errands on my day off.Stephen: 2:00

And I can’t wait to meet the two models.Steve: 2:02

Yes. Me either for you.Stephen: 2:05

Well, what is some happy news? Because I know that we spent some time trying to find happy news in. Our Suncoast area and it’sSteve: 2:17

not looking great, guys,Stephen: 2:19

not looking good for happy news in our area.Steve: 2:22

And so when we can’t find happy news in our area, then it’s our job to bring happiness to our area. And what better place than Nigeria?Stephen: 2:34

And what was happening in Nigeria. That wasSteve: 2:37

happy making darling. Well, earlier this month, if you love your viral videos, you might have seen a 45 second video of a Nigerian boy dancing barefoot in the rain. And since then, as that’s been seen around the world, he’s received because of that video, a scholarship at new York’s, a B T Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The school of dance,Stephen: 3:00

which is a highly regarded school. And to get a scholarship, there is impressive. And if you haven’t seen the video,Steve: 3:10

which we can share, we can share to our Facebook page and our Twitter and all of that.Stephen: 3:14

Yeah. So good. Yeah. And he is being like, he is taking lessons there, but the video shows him barefoot. Outside in the mud and rain doing the ballet routineSteve: 3:28

and they had to do it outside in the rain. They explained because it was outside of his home and his home was too small to be able to do that. Square have a dance routine where, you know, when you watch the video, you see it doesn’t really take up the whole much. It’s not like he’s dancing up and down a full stage. And so it just shows you what conditions he’s was living in and how he’s overcome so much. AndStephen: 3:51

it’s just, yeah. A beautiful video. So take the time and watch it.Steve: 3:56

Yes. Congratulations Anthony. And thank you to Cynthia Harvey, the teacher who saw it and helped to get him that opportunity. So hopefully that brings a little smile to all of y’all spaces.Stephen: 4:11

Yes. And now we have an interview.Steve: 4:14

Yes, we do. Well, let’s transition over there.Stephen: 4:20

We are excited to have local entrepreneur Blane Teshome Charlot on the show with us today. Blane is the owner and creator of Buna Roaster here in Sarasota. Welcome to the show.Blane: 4:33

Thank you so much for having me. This is so wonderful.Stephen: 4:36

Well, your coffee is so wonderful. So the least we can do is talk about it to the masses. Because after experiencing it for myself, everyone needs to experience your coffee.Blane: 4:50

I would. Thank you.Stephen: 4:51

Yeah. As I said, we’ve like tasted the perfection of your coffee. Could you tell the people that may not have experienced it yet? A little bit about your business?Blane: 5:05

Absolutely Buena roaster is a coffee roaster company in Sarasota, and we source a high quality beans from Ethiopia, and we roast them in a small batch to get the perfection profile. We also roast them, made to order so that the customers get as fresh as possible. AndStephen: 5:27

I can definitely attest to. It does feel like it was just roasted for me.Blane: 5:35

Thank you. Yeah, that’s what we do.Steve: 5:37

Yes. Even, even on the weekends, I’m not normally much of a coffee drinker and I fallen in love with your coffee. So you’ve been like even the exception to my role, because it just has this complex, rich flavor that I love. Oh, well,Blane: 5:48

thank you so much. YouStephen: 5:50

mentioned you’re originally from Ethiopia. What brought you to our area?Blane: 5:55

opportunity, You know, opportunity came up and we made the move and also, you know, the Suncoast is just paradise and a great place to raise a family and, why not? and also we moved here a little over a year ago, so yeah,Stephen: 6:17

that answers my next question. It’s been a year, so a year and.Steve: 6:21

It is a great place for a family. ItStephen: 6:23

absolutely is. We love it. We’ve been here. Goodness. It’ll be nine years next month.Blane: 6:31

Yeah. It’s, it’s really nice. And we fell in love and I’m like, this is it. This is home.Stephen: 6:37

That’s exactly. I, I totally understand. Yeah. That is the same feeling we had.Blane: 6:43

Yeah, that’s great.Steve: 6:45

Yeah. And speaking of loving things, what are some things that are making you happy right now?Blane: 6:52

I will definitely have to say my kids and cooking and of course roasting, but also making people smile always makes me so happy and fulfilled. I grew up in hospitality so that I think it runs in, I bled my parents own the restaurant in Ethiopia, and I remember. How many people were coming to eat there. they’re lined up to try our dishes and enjoy our coffee ceremonies. I always remember that. And I think that’s also why community is so important to me.Stephen: 7:31

You mentioned a coffee ceremony. Can you describe a bit more what that is? Because just from pop culture and things I’m familiar with like tea ceremonies from. Asia and, China and areas, but I’ve never heard of a coffee ceremony.Blane: 7:47

Yeah. So what we do, anything, opiates is more like a ritual, you know, that we do every day in our home. so for the restaurant, they Rose from the green beans, you know, in front of the. You know, audience or customer, so that the customer can, you know, experience the smelling, the Roma and the grind, the coffee in front of the customer saying they brew it right there and they get the coffee. And that’s just the most amazing experience. I thinkStephen: 8:18

that sounds fantastic.Steve: 8:21

And so what about coffee drew you to it? Like when did you fall in love with coffee?Blane: 8:28

Well, I a grown, I grew up watching my family, performing elaborate coffee ceremonies in our home daily, like three times a day. And that’s what, they drink coffee for breakfast, lunch, dinner. They have the luxury time, not like here in state. So they’re delicious. Aroma inspired me to dream of roasting my own coffee one day. And my love for coffee. Let me to sample coffee from around the world. And I assume began to experiment crafting my own blend. And this is led to creation of funerals there.Stephen: 9:08

Can you talk about the, I know on your website you have, three blends. Can you talk about, how those came to be and some of the differences between them? Yeah,Blane: 9:19

absolutely. So that hotter has more of, The blueberry notes and I procrastinate and intense automatic, and it makes a great espresso choice. and I think a lot of people do like that, foremost coffee lovers, that like stronger coffee. and then we have the medium blend that has, I think the one you love, this smooth body, sweet, bright flavor, pronounced delicate side and medium body and excellent balance. that is, a lot of, people do love that. so that’s the medium blend and we also have, I have, and natural Cedar mill, which is more of the lights side. you know, for beginners of coffee drinkers, they probably like that. it has more of, like African coffee. and it has like a grayish green and has a spice wine chocolate tastes to it, still a great, taste. but if you like a strong coffee, this probably would not be, a great choice, but for those, for the beginners and, try, you know, the light side, this is the natural is really great.Stephen: 10:38

Yeah. I noticed that was interesting with your beans because we, We’ll grind fresh every day that we make coffee. So that it’s just as fresh as it can be. They have such an interesting dynamic color to the beans that you don’t usually see from some of the coffee brands that you buy at the store. Is that, is that from your specific roasting techniques?Blane: 11:05

well, definitely that has something to do with it, but also the actual beads, because some of the beans are like yak. Russia is really small, very small beans, you know, when it comes to like green beans, when you roast them, they actually can see them growing bigger. And, Browner, in, even if you do roast them, like as you know, darker, they won’t get dark. There was just stay as medium color. which is interesting, like the other beans, like the natural Sidamo in the hotter, as you want to roast them darker, there will be a really dark, but natural, yak, Russia. It will stay as medium. even if you just keep going, it may not taste great. But yeah. So I think that beans has something to do with, all the tastes and the looks.Stephen: 12:01

And besides your online store, which is www dot dot com, which we will have in the show notes for everyone. where else can people find your coffee here in Sarasota?Blane: 12:14

Yeah, we’re in the process of getting in a small local shops and on shelves. But with everything had happened, you know, everything kind of pause that for a moment. but definitely the best way and the fastest way, the fastest way to order is through our website. but definitely, in the future we will have, we will have it in the lock of a lot of stores and coffee shops andSteve: 12:40

those shops would be lucky to have it. In their stocks. SoBlane: 12:45

thank you.Steve: 12:46

I know that we were blessed to have discovered you through the support Sarasota, Manatee black on business group on Facebook. How has your experience been being a part of that group and how has it affected your business?Blane: 12:59

Oh, my goodness. It’s absolutely amazing. the Facebook group has been just wonderful. This community is just unbelievable. Well supportive, like seriously. I felt so. Welcome then so supportive. Like, I have no word to say. I’m just so grateful for the community and for you guys to continuing to support us. This is so amazing. Thank you.Stephen: 13:27

Wow. Thank you. And I have to say to all the people listening that you were so attentive with any questions that I had through Facebook messenger about things. And you just provided great customer service, which I know everyone appreciates good customer service. So you have a good product and a good person behind the product is always the recipe for success.Blane: 13:53

Oh, thank you so much. Thank you. That means a lot. Thank you.Stephen: 13:58

The feedback have you gotten from the community?Blane: 14:02

well, It’s like I said, it’s so wonderful. And when people tells me that this is the best coffee they ever had, like literally it gives me chill and it just makes my day. This is just so wonderful. Yeah. I mean,Steve: 14:17

I can never, we’re recording right now in the evening and I can never have coffee at this time, but even I’m like having my mouth water while we’re talking about this,Stephen: 14:27

I was thinking the same thing. I was like, I know it’s too late for a cup of coffee now because it is what time it is, but I’m like, I can really go for a cup of coffee rightBlane: 14:35

now. That’s funny. That’s great.Stephen: 14:40

What are some ways you’d like to see your business grow either with new products or into new establishments? Do you like, do you have a plan you want to share with the world orSteve: 14:50

a dreamStephen: 14:51

or a dream?Blane: 14:52

Absolutely. I would like to be in more retail stores and coffee shops as well as restaurants. my ultimate goal is to have a storefront one day so that, you know, I could experience, you know, The world can experience my culture with me.Steve: 15:12

Yeah. Because then you can do the coffee ritual with your customers.Blane: 15:16

Absolutely. That’s the whole point. Yeah.Stephen: 15:18

I would be there day oneBlane: 15:20

for that. Thank you. I can’t wait to have you.Steve: 15:25

Yeah. And being that you’ve fallen in love with our community so much. What are some of your favorite places to go and visit it in our area?Blane: 15:34

I will have to say definitely the beaches, the beaches are amazing, beautiful. Like I love the Beatles and I also love, Some of the couple restaurants that I have really enjoyed. one of them is Naples restaurant. They have this enables style pizza is like to die for, I that’s like our go to every weekend that we go there. and then one of them is a dry dock, waterfront grail. Those are one of my two favorite so far, and I’m sure there are money more, but I haven’t got a chance to explore.Steve: 16:12

Yes. Well, hopefully things will clear up soon where it’ll be safer to go out exploring more often. Yeah,Blane: 16:18

absolutely.Steve: 16:19

Yes. And so besides having the social aspect of our community go back to more being in person, what are some other ways you’d like to see our community grow?Blane: 16:30

If I could wish, I would love to see, more small businesses pop up and bloom here. it’s a shame, how much Tor covert has taken on small business owners, staying open and operating and becoming and yeah, increasingly harder. A time goes by. I think Suncoast is such a wonderful community in our love to see us continue to support another and for up for us all to make, to make it through this rough path that we’re on right now.Stephen: 17:05

100%. Yes. What is a secret to living a happy life that you would share with our listeners?Blane: 17:18

Happy life. Let’s see. well, I am, I’m just a happy person and I just, I’m very positive and I like to, take it day by day and, you know, we’re lucky to actually live right now. So I’m grateful for another day that God has given us. So, I’m just like, Grateful person. And I just take everything. I don’t take a lot of things for granted.Steve: 17:47

Yeah. And I, I think that that’s something that’s easy for us to forget and we take advantage of some things sometimes. So that is great advice. Just to be grateful for what we have.Stephen: 17:56

Absolutely. We just have to just take a step back and look at all the ways that we’re truly blessed.Blane: 18:02

Absolutely. You know, you see the world are not in a great place right now. And you know, we complain about little things here and there, but we just have to be grateful for, you know, simple cup, a cup of coffee that we said thing, you know, not a lot of people are able to do that at the moment. You’re right. Yeah. And soSteve: 18:24

what would be some of the best ways in addition to your website for people to contact you? Do you have an email address or do you direct people to your Facebook page? How would you like us to set people up?Blane: 18:36

Sure. so the email address is contact@buenaroaster.com. And also we have a Facebook page, Buena arrows there at, Facebook.Stephen: 18:50

and we’ll put all and we’ll make sure that it will be linked perfectly. So we’ll make it easy for our listeners to findSteve: 18:57

you, you can just tap the information and scroll down.Blane: 19:00

Perfect. That sounds wonderful.Steve: 19:03

Thank you so much, Blaine for taking time out of your schedule and taking time away from the coffee to talk with us.Stephen: 19:10

And you’ve been an absolute joy and just as nice as I imagined you would be. So this was a sincere pleasure.Blane: 19:20

Oh, thank you so much. And you guys are so wonderful. I’m so grateful you guys have found me and I’m just so grateful. Thank you. Thank you for doing what you doStephen: 19:32

And we’re back we’re back. Thank you so much. Blame. That was really great.Steve: 19:36

Yes. A joy for sure.Stephen: 19:39

And I will definitely be having some of your coffee tomorrow morning because I can’t wait. One of the best ways you can help our podcast is by giving us a review on Apple podcasts. But another great way that is helpful is if you are really enjoying what you’re listening to recommend us to a friend, tell them that it makes you smile. It makes you laugh. It makes you happy. Share it with them. And share the happiness.Steve: 20:07

Yes. Because if every one person let another person know, then that’s like at least stubble. And then if those people then tell those people, then it like, it’s a whole bunch of math that gets bigger. The more you do it, I knowStephen: 20:19

it’s exponential happiness.Steve: 20:22

Exactly. And so that’s, you know, with the way you are with numbers, my love, that’s why I just will leave it vague like that. But I know that it’s a great way to help grow our show while also then having something you could talk to your friends about after listening each week.Stephen: 20:36

Exactly. And you can also like us on Facebook. You can engage with our posts. And you can add us on Twitter at happy lifeSteve: 20:45

pod. Yes, that is H a P P Y L I F E P O D, which also happens to be our email address, happy life pod@gmail.com, where you can send us questions or ideas for future episodes of things that make you happy in our area.Stephen: 21:06

Because absolutely if you know, a local entertainer or business or anything that you think needs a spotlight, because it makes your life happier, let us know because other people need to know about that as well.Steve: 21:19

Yes. And until next time everyone stayStephen: 21:23


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