Senior Living on the Suncoast Launch Announcement

If you’ve ever provided any care for a loved one, you likely ran into questions you didn’t have answers to. For the lucky ones, the answer is found on...

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A Lifetime of Happiness Season One Reflections

Sometimes, during the hardest of times, the best thing we can be shown is that everything happens for a reason. As I’ve just finished listening to the last episode...

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My Secret Friend, Sertraline

               It’s been almost a year since I first noticed my depression was back, and as I sat in the clinic today hearing about my new daughter’s own depression,...

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A New Year, A New Journey!

Happy new year to listeners, family and friends, and fans alike!! What an amazing journey the past month of preparing for launch has been, and I appreciate you all...

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Ru Paul Was Right

Getting help for my depression was just the first step on my journey towards happiness. After starting my medication, I realized that there was a big difference between not...

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A Lifetime of Happiness Intro

I know, I know! It’s been five days since we recorded episode one and you are all very thirsty to hear the luscious melody of Brittany Jennings on mic!...

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