Senior Living on the Suncoast Launch Announcement

Senior Living on the Suncoast Launch Announcement

If you’ve ever provided any care for a loved one, you likely ran into questions you didn’t have answers to. For the lucky ones, the answer is found on Google, but often, that just makes things more confusing. Unless you’ve received special training, you likely won’t know what half the abbreviations related to senior living might mean. In searching for one assisted living facility, you’ll run into abbreviations like AL, MC, IL, LNS, ECC, LPNs, CNAs, etc. It can be very overwhelming for anyone.

Knowledge is Power

               Where do you go for your answers related to aging? Up until now, we only have a few local resources that can assist us. Now many of them are businesses that are being affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. After researching online formats, creator Steve Bennet-Martin noted you couldn’t find much regular and accurate information. He was inspired to create a podcast specifically to help his local community. Senior Living on the Suncoast is here to provide you with the tools needed to help navigate the complex systems of aging.

               If you haven’t listened to podcasts before, now might be the time to start. You can’t always be glued to watching or reading something. Enter podcasting, an on-demand ‘radio show’ that you can listen to when and how you want. Available on any smart device, from an iPhone, Android, tablet, or even Amazon’s Alexa. You likely have something in your home that can play podcasts for you whenever you want. Just download Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or one of the other many podcasting apps out there.

Podcasting is Free and Available Everywhere

               “Due to the amazing reception from the professional community, we will be releasing our first 10 episodes over two weeks. Episodes will air April 13th-17th and April 20th-24th “ Steve recently announced. The intention behind this is to give the audience a chance to learn the most important basics. Topics like Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Private Duty Home Health, and Memory Care will be discussed. From there the podcast will resume regular weekly releases every Monday.

  Stay Happy!

About the Author
Steve Bennet-Martin is a senior living expert by day and a podcaster by night. With a passion for creating positive content that can help people, he now is working to help the community he lives in, the seniors that could benefit from his expertise navigating the complex systems of aging, and helping others learn how to share their voice through the magic of podcasting.
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