A Lifetime of Happiness Season One Reflections

A Lifetime of Happiness Season One Reflections

Sometimes, during the hardest of times, the best thing we can be shown is that everything happens for a reason. As I’ve just finished listening to the last episode of the first season of my podcast, A Lifetime of Happiness, I’m seeing how every step of my journey has led me to this point in the podcast where everything comes together.

               I fell in love with the concept of podcasting long before I ever made the conscious decision to do it because I was afraid, but since then I’ve found my voice. At first I made excuses for not doing it at all, like I didn’t know what to speak on and I didn’t know where to start, but then I had the amazing experiencing of driving on the open road from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and felt inspired to just do it! Then I made excuses for not doing it well, like how I was self-trained on all the editing programs and have no training in anything related to podcasting, but then PodFest gave me the knowledge as well as the courage to know that I had it in me. Now I know that I have a voice and a gift to be able to help share other people’s voices, as well.

               I’ve also experiences a huge amount of personal growth that rippled well outside the podcast due to the experiences of its first season. My co-host, Brittany Jennings, and I went from being work acquaintances to great friends! I became a parent and learned how to balance a career, being a parent, and maintaining a hobby. My marriage has grown stronger than ever due to couples counseling prior to the adoption, as well as the bonding experience of raising a child together.

               The episodes themselves provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know some amazing people even better, too! I barely knew MariAnne when I first asked her daughter, Maia, to be on our first episode, but now her family and my family are friends and her husband, Conrad, is our graphic designer! Neema and I had been friends for years, but I got to learn more about her religion and her experiences growing up during our Culture episode than I ever had before, and it only brought us closer together. I loved getting to share the burlesque stories with all of you, plus Stephanie’s amazing story of finding her biological parents. Looking back, I’m so thankful to have been blessed with such wonderful guests!

               Looking into the next season, I plan to continue to bring you inspiring stories from fantastic guests. I’m also happy to announce that we are focusing on our own backyard for the season, rebranding us as Senior Living on the Suncoast. I’m bringing by husband, Stephen Martin-Bennet, along with me for this seasons journey as we discuss, experience, and interview people involved in what makes our lives on the Suncoast so happy. Stay tuned for our season premiere episode to air Wednesday, May 6th! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek at our new sister podcast, Senior Living on the Suncoast, in your feeds every Wednesday until then!

               Stay Happy!

About the Author
Steve Bennet-Martin is a senior living expert by day and a podcaster by night. With a passion for creating positive content that can help people, he now is working to help the community he lives in, the seniors that could benefit from his expertise navigating the complex systems of aging, and helping others learn how to share their voice through the magic of podcasting.
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