A New Year, A New Journey!

A New Year, A New Journey!

Happy new year to listeners, family and friends, and fans alike!! What an amazing journey the past month of preparing for launch has been, and I appreciate you all for hanging in there. If you haven’t already, please find our podcast in your favorite player and subscribe so you can hear our future content!

With the new year, we have been blessed with such amazing support from our local community in Sarasota, as well as the podcasting community! We are featured on today’s cover of the local newspaper and have some amazing guests already slated for upcoming episodes, so I am excited to see how this podcast grows in the new year.

In the meantime, in my personal life my journey for happiness continues to be going better than I could have imagined! My spouse and I were matched with our now-daughter in late November, so we spent the month of December falling in love with her more with each day we spent with her! We had the best holiday season of our lives and she is all ready to start her new school tomorrow!

While this journey has been a blessing, it’s also helped me remain thankful for many of things in my life that keep me positive. The addition of a daughter has brought our families and friends together in ways I never would have imagined, meanwhile Brittany and her person have become found family to us through this adventure!

I hope in the new year that you continue to find happiness in all your lives, and hopefully this podcast and blog and can be a part of that!

Stay Happy!


About the Author
Steve Bennet-Martin is a senior living expert by day and a podcaster by night. With a passion for creating positive content that can help people, he now is working to help the community he lives in, the seniors that could benefit from his expertise navigating the complex systems of aging, and helping others learn how to share their voice through the magic of podcasting.
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