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A Lifetime of Happiness

Hosted BySteve Bennet-Martin & Brittany Jennings

A Lifetime of Happiness is a podcast on the connection between aging and well-being hosted by Steve Bennet-Martin and Brittany Jennings, featuring guest experts from all ages and fields to share their thoughts on how to live a happier life.

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A Lifetime of Happiness on the Suncoast

Hosted BySteve Bennet-Martin

Season 2 of A Lifetime of Happiness comes with a new subtitle: on the Suncoast. With our journey for happiness going smoothly we are now exploring what is making us happy today in our own community. Stay tuned for more details!

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Senior Living on the Suncoast

Senior Living on the Suncoast is a NEW podcast coming Spring of 2020. The FIRST senior-centered senior living podcast, created by Steve Bennet-Martin, will provide a voice for the Suncoast senior living community and answer the questions that are important to them!

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Who We Are

The Owner, Steve Bennet-Martin, is a Senior Living expert who works at Approved Home Health by day and manages Happy Life Pod productions in his free time. 

Happy Life Pod was born from the need for a shorter LLC for A Lifetime of Happiness, his passion and first foray into the realm of podcasting. Along this adventure he learned all the tools needed to create a successful PodFest and repurposed Happy Life Pod to be the name for what he hopes to become a Pod, or group, of local podcasters who podcast for positivity.

In the meantime, he is combining his passions of podcasting and seniors to launch Senior Living on the Suncoast, the first (and for now, only) podcast that is based on the needs of the senior living population in our area.

Stay tuned for more updates as this site and Steve’s vision continue to grow!

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